First time on a cruise? What you need to know?

If you've booked to go on your first cruise or are currently browsing options to have a cruise as your next holiday then you may be wondering what things you need to know before you travel on a cruise ship for the first time. I recently travelled with Princess Cruises from Southampton on my first … Continue reading First time on a cruise? What you need to know?

Visiting Casa del Arbol – Banos

Banos is famous for it's outdoor activities, swimming in the thermal spas, mountain biking, hiking trails and waterfalls, but probably it's most famous attraction for backpackers is Casa del Arbol; the treehouse with it's swing on the edge of the world. It's technically only a few km from the centre of Banos but the surrounding … Continue reading Visiting Casa del Arbol – Banos

What to do in Derby?

I recently spent a weekend in Derby as I've been trying to explore more new places within the UK, and I found it friendly, fun and historic, with so much to offer for all ages. I had an action packed few days including a lot of delicious food, historic buildings, shopping  & beautiful landscapes. Here … Continue reading What to do in Derby?

Top 5 places to visit in Peru

5. Arequipa central market - Arequipa is often only glanced over by tourists visiting the surrounding hiking trails and volcanoes, but in the city itself are a number of fascinating places to visit. My favourite thing about the city was the colourful and bustling market occupying the large central square. It's not massively highlighted in … Continue reading Top 5 places to visit in Peru

Havana Travel Guide

Before going - Make sure to sort your visa in advance as they will check at the airport before you fly as well as obviously when you go through customs/immigration. Book your accommodation before you go unless you're happy going from Casa to Casa looking for spaces, Havana has lots of options for rooms but … Continue reading Havana Travel Guide

How to pack for ‘Hand Luggage Only’.

Low cost airlines are offering flights cheaper than train tickets to nearby cities and it's great news for sufferers of Wanderlust! Beware however of the additional fees that many sneak on, including those pesky luggage fees, often as much as $50! If you book hand luggage only you can save a lot of money and below … Continue reading How to pack for ‘Hand Luggage Only’.

What you can gain by travelling!

Independence - Sometimes it's easy to rely on someone else; to make plans, to order food, to decide what time to go somewhere. When you're travelling, particularly solo, you're going to have to make decisions for yourself, potentially attempt a different language, navigate confusing bus timetables, & generally stand on your own two feet. Sure … Continue reading What you can gain by travelling!