5 reasons to visit Ladakh

  1. The scenery – Ladakh is stunning and incredibly varied. Travel for only a few hours and the view changes dramatically. You’ll be treated to Glaciers, mountains, powerful rivers and flowery fields that look almost superimposed.20160609_161236
  2. The people – Despite major cultural differences and also language barriers, the people I met were massively welcoming, friendly & generous. 20160619_103843
  3. Monasteries – Ladakh is a must visit for anyone interested in history, particularly Buddhist history. The region is dotted with ancient monasteries high up in the hills, some of which take days of driving to get to.Screenshot_20161216-184950.png
  4. Animals – Ladakh is a wonderful place to spot wild animals. One of the most beautiful sights on my trip was a pack of wild horses running together alongside my vehicle. You’ll also be treated to views of marmots, yaks and for those very lucky few; the snow leopard.Screenshot_20161216-184135.png
  5. To get away from it all – In all of my travels I’ve never been somewhere that is quite so remote. Even camping in the bush in Africa I still managed to get phone signal or at least have a satellite phone in case of emergencies. For up to a week at a time while  travelling in this region we had no signal, no internet, and not even a satellite phone due to area restrictions. In some ways difficult, but also refreshing to be able to switch off for a while.20160615_095644.jpg

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