Delicious Peruvian food at San Camilo Market

I love eating street food. For many reasons, firstly in some countries I’ve found that the local specialities are often better bought from a friendly woman on the street are packed full of flavour more than in an expensive restaurant (bun cha, pad thai), secondly it saves a lot of money and thirdly, I want to try what the locals eat and often you’re more likely to find this while sitting on a tiny plastic stool than in an air conditioned place aimed at tourists.

Peru hasn’t presented quite as many options so far for super cheap eats but then we arrived in Arequipa. Arequipa is known for it’s food, in particular spicy peppers and for the humble potato.

We headed straight to local favourite, food market Mercado San Camilo. It’s a large market easily reachable from the main plaza and has a whole host of food from delicious snacks right up to filling meals that won’t break the bank.

There’s rows and rows of fish and meat vendors, hacking away at various parts, plus all the fruits you could name plus some you’ve probably never tried or even heard of.


Plus there are dozens of types of potato. Don’t ask me to name them…I’d struggle in English nevermind Spanish.

After wandering for a while we came to a selection of eateries mainly serving up another Peruvian speciality, roasted salt pork, usually served with corn, possibly sweet potato, onion & tomato and optional spicy sauce! (Go for it!)



The whole meal cost around 2/3 dollars and was absolutely delicious. The pork was some of the nicest I’ve tried and the salty corn really complimented it.

For a dessert there are plenty of options. I tried Dulce Arequipa which is a bit like a soft fudge made from condensed milk followed by a Strawberry pastry for 50 cents which was popular with the locals.


Finally we headed to the fruit aisles where dozens of smiling ladies serve up smoothies and juices (Juga). Pick your fruits then either select condensed milk, orange juice or water as a mixer and enjoy!


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