Cooking classes in Dominica | Experiences Caribbean

Caribbean food is rich in flavours and personality, with influences from many other countries. Caribbean food is fresh, colourful and often very local, particularly on Dominica where the fresh fruit & vegetables are so easily available around the island. A cooking class is an excellent way to learn about the cuisine on Dominica as wellContinue reading “Cooking classes in Dominica | Experiences Caribbean”

First time on a cruise? What you need to know?

If you’ve booked to go on your first cruise or are currently browsing options to have a cruise as your next holiday then you may be wondering what things you need to know before you travel on a cruise ship for the first time. I recently travelled with Princess Cruises from Southampton on my firstContinue reading “First time on a cruise? What you need to know?”

St Kitts Food | What to try and where to eat?

St Kitts food is definitely going to be one of the top things about your trip to the beautiful island. St Kitts is a haven for seafood lovers and the island has a range of options for dining, from street side cafes & stalls right up to fine dining restaurants with ocean views. Below isContinue reading “St Kitts Food | What to try and where to eat?”

St Kitts; A one week itinerary | What to do in St Kitts

St Kitts is an island with so much to offer. As well as the usual delightful beaches one might expect from a Caribbean Island it’s an adventurous place with a whole range of activities for the discerning traveller. There’s a rich history and culture and those with an interest can visit the sites of sugarContinue reading “St Kitts; A one week itinerary | What to do in St Kitts”

5 Activities you’ll want to do in Antigua

Antigua is beautiful. Turquoise waters and enough beaches to visit a new one every day of the year, it’s fairly evident why lots of people will spend their days on the island soaking up the sun and swimming in the sea. If you’re staying more than a couple of days however you’ll certainly want toContinue reading “5 Activities you’ll want to do in Antigua”