St Kitts; A one week itinerary | What to do in St Kitts

St Kitts is an island with so much to offer. As well as the usual delightful beaches one might expect from a Caribbean Island it’s an adventurous place with a whole range of activities for the discerning traveller. There’s a rich history and culture and those with an interest can visit the sites of sugar factories and rum distilleries. There are dormant volcanoes and hills giving incredible views over St Kitts and the neighbouring islands, and you have your pick of how to explore, be that vigorous hikes, ATV excursions or Jeep Safaris.

Below is a suggested St Kitts guide for making the most of your time on this beautiful island; taking in the sights, partaking in adventure activities, learning about the history and of course as the locals say ‘limin’.


To get yourself accustomed to the area, start your trip with a downtown ‘safari’ tour on an open sided bus. Giving you a glimpse of the strip, Port Zante, downtown Basseterre and zooming past vast golf courses, it’s a great way to see some of what the island has to offer and paves the way for the rest of the week.

One good suggestion is Sir Walter Safari Tours;  friendly and knowledgeable he will take you to some important spots downtown while giving an informative but not too in your face audio description on the way.

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Prices – 1-4 person $80 total then 20 dollars per extra person.
In the afternoon head to Sky Safari Zip Line – for some aerial fun. After a safety briefing and practice run you’ll be taken up the hill to the first of four zip lines. You’ll soon be flying across the tree canopies and getting views right out to the water.
The guides are funny and it’s a great activity as long as you’re not afraid of heights. Many of the lines get up to some high speeds and go from fairly high up so it’s not for the faint hearted.
Time – around 2 hours – $89 USD – Weight limit 125kg


Today head to Brimstone Fortress – It’s a UNESCO site and one of the best preserved historical fortifications in the Americas. The construction of the Brimstone Hill Fortress started in 1690 and took just over 100 years to be finished.

Cannons were first mounted on the Hill in 1689 by the French but following that , the English used the hill as a fortress taking advantage of it’s over 900 foot height.

The fortress is vast and in a remarkably good state of affairs. It has a fascinating yet tragic history and knowledgeable local guides can show you round the area, teaching you to identify British or French cannons and explaining the history of the site.

brimstone fortress st kitts.jpgbrimstone fortress st kitts.jpgbrimstone fortress st kitts.jpgbrimstone fortress st kitts.jpg20190608_1258308121007281843582923.jpg

 $10 adults / $5 children – Opening hours 930 – 530 – Free WiFi at the café

In the early evening head to trendy Salt Plage for sunset. This open air bar and restaurant is the epitome of cool, with it’s very instagrammable net seats over the water enabling you to sip on a cocktail while watching the fish below. The flag laden jetty has seats going out to the sea, while the seats near the bar itself are treated to live music.

The cocktail menu is top notch, and there’s a range of table snacks/sharers as well as the popular main dishes. It’s a place to be seen on the island and it’s easy to spend hours here enjoying the cool sea breeze and a few cocktails as the sun sets.

salt plage st kittssalt plage st kittssalt plage st kittssalt plage st kitts

4pm until late – St Christophe Harbour


Start the day with a quick visit to the Carib petroglyphs- St Kitts has been inhabited since 2500 BC and these Carib drawings are from the  original Carib inhabitants before the Europeans arrived in the 17th century. They are believed to be a sign of fertility and locals joke that you should touch the rock if you want to get pregnant.
carib st kitts

Next head to South Friars Bay. Check out beachside bars for lunch and a cocktail before taking some time to relax on the loungers or the soft sand.

If you’re still not ready to sit still then there are a lot of watersports on offer. Jet ski excursions round the bars are good for thrill seekers, and if you want a good laugh then try out the inflatable sofa-like items that you can sit on with friends before being pulled across the water at high speeds.

There’s also snorkelling and for those who want it a little more laid back the water is lovely and warm for good old swimming.

top beach st kitts


Today, make sure you have a big breakfast as you’ve got a big climb ahead of you.

mount liagmuga st kitts

Mount Liamunga is a dormant volcano on St Kitts offering fantastic views into it’s lush green crater, and also out to the Caribbean Sea from certain viewpoints. It’s a tough hike, with sections that involve scrambling and climbing, so if you’re not that fit it’s probably not for you. O Neil Mulraine is the islands favoured guide. He’s over 60 but the fittest pensioner you’ll ever meet and he will put you to shame as he bounds up the trail without breaking a sweat. Prepare for the hike to take all day; usual times vary from 4 hours round trip if you’re very fast to 10 hours for those needing to stop for a rest frequently. Hiking in St Kitts

Make sure to pack water, mosquito repellent and your camera for the views from the top! It’s hard going even if you’re in good shape, but the views and feeling of achievement make it all worthwhile. Even if you only have one day in St Kitts, it’s worth the effort.

volcano hike st kittshiking st kitts

ONeil Mulraine can be booked from most hotels on St Kitts or contact


Ready for your weekend in St Kitts? In the morning head over to Wingfield Estate – named after The Earl of Wingfield from East Anglia. Even for those who are not huge history fans then Wingfield Estate will still be of interest. It’s thought to possess the earliest examples of British Masonry anywhere in the Americas as well the oldest in tact rum distillery in the West Indies.
Much of the site is very well preserved and showcases the process of sugar production. Over the years more and more areas are being unearthed and the current caretakers have great plans to turn the site into a thought provoking visitor area, tastefully done, that tells the stories of those enslaved here. Gradually, more and more of its past is being unearthed and the eventual plan is for it to be the centrepiece of a learning and reflection centre. It’s an absolute must if you want to learn about the history of St Kitts.
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Afterwards head to nearby Caribelle Batik– Batik is a style of dying and waxing material and Caribelle produced it’s first Batik in 1976 before going onto the be some of the most sought after textiles in the Caribbean. It’s a fun and interactive visit with the friendly staff happy to do some demonstrations and answer questions.
It’s a hugely detailed and skilled job so it’s fascinating to stand and watch the ladies at work producing the brightly coloured and cheerful designs.
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On site, make sure to visit the 400 year old tree. Originated in South America, the seeds would have been planted by settling Amerindians and it’s now so wide stretching that some of the branches reach down to the ground.
wingfield estate st kitts,  what to do in st kitts, st kitts guide, st kitts itinerary,

In the evening head to where the party is at; Sprat Net. It’s a relaxed affair, a bar/restaurant built from wood with one side opened up for views. There’s a live band playing at the weekends, playing lively versions of top hits.

The bar serves up a few options including beers and a variety of different rums, but what you’re really here for is the giant portions of fresh seafood and meat. Top recommendation would be the lobster with ribs, but also choose from other options including shrimp, all served with bread and corn on the cob. For vegetarians, opt for the delicious smelling pizzas. It’s definitely one of the top things to do in St Kitts.

sprat net st kitts,  what to do in st kitts, st kitts guide, st kitts itinerary,

Old Road Town, Saint Thomas Middle Island, Saint Kitts and Nevis


Be prepared to get dirty again as today you’re going on an exhilarating Jeep tour of St Kitts  in a Jeep Wrangler with SKN Jeepers. SKN Jeepers are the top jeep rental in St Kitts. If you drive you can choose from either manual or automatic vehicles but friendly owner Ellington is happy to take the wheel if you’re a little nervous. Tours take you up into the hills to see a different side to the island as goats and cows wander past and you’re able to get views right out to Nevis.
It’s a dusty journey with a lot of bumps and very much ‘off road’ but that’s what makes it so fun. 
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$65 per car – SKN Jeepers

If you’re keen on history then start of the day with a tour of St Kitts colonial house Fairview Great House.
It’s a beautiful old colonial house with examples of the bath houses, original bedrooms & bathrooms, volcanic stone & brick oven and a great gift shop. It’s also possible to do rum tastings including a coconut cream and a delicious mango rum. Free WiFi.
jeep safari st kitts, jeep rental st kitts,  what to do in st kitts, st kitts guide, st kitts itinerary,

Finally after a busy week you deserve a little more beach time  so try visiting Cockleshell Bay or South Frigate Bay and soak up the sun before your flight home!

For more information please visit – 
Hope you’ve enjoyed this St Kitts Guide / St Kitts Itinerary and then it helps you plan you trip to St Kitts.




















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