Top places to eat & drink | Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras

Santa Rosa de Copan is great for foodies. It has a huge choice of cuisines from street food options right up to romantic steak houses and restaurants with food so good that orders come in from all over Honduras.

It also has a lively nightlife with a number of cocktail bars and clubs to choose from.

Below are some top choices in SRC as to where to eat, drink, party, drink coffee and chill in Santa Rosa de Copan,

Calitos Grill
In a courtyard decorated with great street art Calitos Grill is owned by two brothers; both passionate about food but also with a vision to create an atmospheric place to spend an evening.

The menu here is fairly simple, but with everything done incredibly well. Top notch burgers including fillings such as pineapple and a range of meats, loaded fries, and ribs with yuca fries are all designed to have you licking your fingers clean.

It’s a great place to come with friends, and the street food style big tables make for friendly dining.





Los Brasas
Los Brasas is one of the top restaurants in the city. Large potions, quality ingredients and a strong house sangria worth sharing between friends.

Primarily a steakhouse, it serves a range of steak options including a fantastic surf & turf.  It finds a good balance between being a romantic restaurant for a date, but also a good option for family friendly choice; especially if you’re hungry! Top tip; try the seafood soup for a starter.

Mass Bar & Restaurant
A sleek bar and restaurant run by some friendly and lively owners. There’s a lovely outside area and the well stocked bar serves up imaginative cocktails. Come earlier for a bite to eat and a couple of drinks, or after 9 for a lively atmosphere late into the night.20190125_18372720190125_190143

Lenca Maya
A favourite on Trip Advisor, Lenca Maya is a good option for anyone wishing to have a crash course in Honduran food. A big menu with many traditional offerings, you’re even able to try your hand at making tortillas here, before tasting your creations alongside a whole host of dishes in a colourful environment.



A trendy brunch bar that turns into a lively wine bar by nightfall, Teos has a spacious terrace looking out onto the street below. It’s a great place for a big breakfast with good wifi and a stylish layout.

Locally famous Timoshenko is a Honduran liquor that’s so popular some restaurants have even included it in some of their sauces.

The two flavours are coffee and fruit, with the former being served with milk and a cream topping giving a tiramisu flavour overall. Come and look round the bar area to see the bottles on sale and the antique decorations.

Kaldis Koffee
Listed as one of three Honduran Coffee shops in the Phaidon’s book on where to drink coffee, Kaldis’ is a small coffee shop with a range of preparations for your coffee including some very traditional methods. It also has some of the best cakes and desserts in the city, including a lovely tiramisu, and a instagram worthy



Cafe de las Velas
It’s a small but characterful cafe with a craft shop inside. Here the handicrafts are made by local underprivileged women; they have a great range of candles and soaps. The cafe also creates jobs for the local people including some homeless individuals.




A tiny with a lot of character, Estucafe has 17 different offerings to prepare your coffee; from the ones you’ll recognise like a percolator, to contraptions that look like something from a science lab.

You’ll then be offered dozens of options of the coffee itself. Cups are heated to specific temperatures while the coffee is weighed and water levels measured. It’s a long process but the sheer effort of accuracy and effort that goes into each coffee makes for great viewing and even greater coffee.



Le Casa Doña Olimpia
Doña Olimpia is a Santa Rosan institution. It’s famous roast pork is so in demand that they have orders coming in from all over the country, especially at Christmas when the lines are ringing off the hook.

Strictly for meat eaters only, the house special is roast pork, marinated for 12 and then roast in the kilns for 8 hours. It comes out salty, crispy and rich, and is then served alongside a thick gravy and slices of mandarin.  Wash down with a Copan Dry.


Zotz ticks a lot of boxes; great choice for a sports bar, cool roof terrace to sip on the giant cocktails, and with a long menu.

It has a family friendly atmosphere inside with kids toys and large TVs, but also does a great range of beers and cocktails.

A great addition to their menu is some fantastic hand made pasta which will definitely line your stomach well before a night of drinking and dancing.



New York Discoteque
This small nightclub doesn’t really get busy until 10pm, when the town’s fashionable crowd come to dance and party into the early morning.

Loud music, well priced drinks, you know the score.


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  1. Me ha encantado el artículo que has escrito de Honduras, hay sitios que no conocía pero gracias a ti los visitaré la próxima vez que vaya de visita ya que vivo en el extranjero 😁

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