Tips for your first time travelling to India

I travel to have stories to tell, and boy do I have some stories to tell from India! If you abandon your expectations and develop a relaxed and flexible attitude, you will be blown away by the rich, cultural diversity of India and the fabulous opportunities it presents. Having said that, I’m not going toContinue reading “Tips for your first time travelling to India”

5 unbelievable landscapes you’ve just got to visit!

Machu Pichu, Peru Despite being photographed thousands of times every year, Machu Pichu’s magnificence can’t even begin to be captured in a picture. The sheer size of the settlement, combined with the clouds rolling over the mountain tops are something I’ll never forget seeing for the first time. Suru Valley, India A lot of theContinue reading “5 unbelievable landscapes you’ve just got to visit!”

5 reasons to visit Ladakh

The scenery – Ladakh is stunning and incredibly varied. Travel for only a few hours and the view changes dramatically. You’ll be treated to Glaciers, mountains, powerful rivers and flowery fields that look almost superimposed. The people – Despite major cultural differences and also language barriers, the people I met were massively welcoming, friendly &Continue reading “5 reasons to visit Ladakh”

Cultural Shows & The Hokey Cokey

For a lot of people travelling is about experiencing new cultures. We like to try local dishes, some choose to do a home stay, others adopt some form of local dress for their trip. One of the most popular ways of experiencing traditions and past times first hand that I’ve come across, (and this seemsContinue reading “Cultural Shows & The Hokey Cokey”