AK4500 Gimbal Stabalizer Review | Best Gimbal Stabalizer for Vloggers

As someone who’s background is in TV but has a YouTube channel I’m always looking for ways to improve my videos and bring them up to the standard I’m used to for my shows. Whilst many cameras now offer in built stabilisation, it’s nothing compared to the smooth shots using a gimbal stabiliser can offer.

I use a Nikon z7 mirrorless which weighs under a kg, however with a lens is considerably heavier so I was looking for the best gimbal for DSLR or mirrorless cameras that could take the weight of my current kit, yet wasn’t too heavy in itself. The FeiyuTech AK4500 is the lightest DSLR gimbal at only 1.6kg with its space-level ultra-light aluminium alloy. Comparatively the DJI Ronin S is 1.86 kg & the Ronin M is 2.3kg before cameras so the AK4500 is much preferable in terms of weight. Despite it’s lighter weight it can actually hold up to 4.6kg.

How easy is it to set up the AK4500?
Once you have the camera balanced it’s easy to set up and pack down and what’s really cool is there are a lot of components to suit every eventuality of filming requirement but equally one can choose to only use the basic set up with a monopod style handle if you’re trying to cut down on what you’re carrying.

AK4500 gimbal stabiliser review

What features does the AK4500 have that I found useful?
I am a huge fan of timelapses and I find that they really elevate my work. The AK4500 has a motion timelapse option allowing for moving timelapses that highlight the beauty of landscapes in an unbeatable way.

Whilst this mode is excellent for cinematic shots it’s also helpful for vloggers like myself who want to set up a shot that they are in, but still have some camera movement. You can send up a start point & end point and the amount of time you want it to shoot for and then easily start recording to create the illusion of having a camera crew when in fact it’s just you! Furthermore, the ‘used last’ setting is great for creating similar shots in different places, rather than having to remember and reset the gimbal you can simply choose that option and then recreate clips for consistency in your filming.

Whilst I’m usually shooting in landscape it does also allow for easy switching between portrait and landscape so if you’re focusing more on TikTok or IGTV then it’s ideal. Equally, having a touch screen saves you the headache you may have with other gimbals which is often having to use an app. Almost all of the functionality of the AK4500 is inbuilt and able to be controlled with the touch screen which is very helpful.

AK4500 gimbal stabiliser review

Who is the AK4500 best for?
It’s actually a very sophisticated piece of kit although not initially the simplest to use, however it’s at a great price point and sturdy so it’s ideal for those looking to upgrade their videos and work to include smooth moving shots & more documentary style videos.

It does come with a great suitcase style carry case but once set up it’s not able to fit back in this initial box, however the gimbal does fold down fairly small and I was able to safely store it in my regular large camera bag without too much trouble which means it’s definitely suitable for travel vloggers

AK4500 gimbal stabiliser review
AK4500 gimbal stabiliser review


Thanks for reading my review of Feiyutech AK4500, in my opinion the best gimbal for DSLR / best gimbal for mirrorless on the market in 2020.

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