Pouso Sambaquis, Ilhabela’s tropical hideaway

Yesterday, someone asked me what the English word for Pousada was. Google seems to think the direct translation is hostel, but that doesn't quite fit, certainly they may have the laidback hostel feel, but with the touch of family that comes with a bed & breakfast, and certainly at Pousada Sambaquis, also with lashings of … Continue reading Pouso Sambaquis, Ilhabela’s tropical hideaway


How I’m preparing for my South America trip

Going away for 3 months requires some planning even for the most seasoned of travellers. In January I'm setting off to explore 3 South American countries as part of a blogging trip and I'm incredibly excited, but it has taken some coordinating with other work commitments in order to go on such a long trip, … Continue reading How I’m preparing for my South America trip