Croatia; so much more than beaches & bars

Croatia has become a top beach destination over the past 5 years. Cheap flights within Europe, relatively low prices and a large number of world famous music festivals have meant that it's over taken other previous party destinations in terms of visitors. Sure, it's easy to see why. Croatia has some incredible beaches, Zlatni Rat … Continue reading Croatia; so much more than beaches & bars

Beautiful Ollantaytambo, your must-visit place before Machu Picchu.

The main railway station that serves Cusco and therefore on to Machu Picchu is a small town called Ollantaytambo about 1 hour 45 from the city. As such, throughout the morning minibuses and taxis rush through the narrow streets towards the station and most tourists don't give the town a second thought. However, Ollantaytambo is … Continue reading Beautiful Ollantaytambo, your must-visit place before Machu Picchu.

Delicious Peruvian food at San Camilo Market

I love eating street food. For many reasons, firstly in some countries I've found that the local specialities are often better bought from a friendly woman on the street are packed full of flavour more than in an expensive restaurant (bun cha, pad thai), secondly it saves a lot of money and thirdly, I want … Continue reading Delicious Peruvian food at San Camilo Market

Add this desert Oasis onto your bucket list – Huacachina

If you're following the Peru Gringo trail then you've probably spent a few days dusty & dry and on a variety of buses. Then suddenly, out of the desert appears a compact oasis resort, a dreamy lagoon surrounded by palm trees and 200m high dunes, welcome to Huacachina. Huacachina has a dozen hostels and hotels … Continue reading Add this desert Oasis onto your bucket list – Huacachina

5 reasons to visit Ladakh

The scenery - Ladakh is stunning and incredibly varied. Travel for only a few hours and the view changes dramatically. You'll be treated to Glaciers, mountains, powerful rivers and flowery fields that look almost superimposed. The people - Despite major cultural differences and also language barriers, the people I met were massively welcoming, friendly & … Continue reading 5 reasons to visit Ladakh

What to wear in Marrakech?

I've travelled a lot in some quite conservative countries, but I'd heard reports of Morocco being particularly conservative with regards to tourist's clothing so when it came to choice of outfit I put some serious thought into what to pack. Morocco is a Muslim country and generally the female population does choose to dress fairly … Continue reading What to wear in Marrakech?

Affordable dates in London

1. Take a walk on Clapham Common. Clapham Common is a huge open space in SW London on the edge of zone 2. There's 220 acres of green space, 3 ponds and Victorian bandstand. The bandstand area is popular with dogwalkers and there's a cute little cafĂ© where you can get a coffee & cake … Continue reading Affordable dates in London