Visiting Khewra Salt mines | Himalayan Salt Mine in Pakistan

Khewra Salt Mines in Pakistan are the 2nd largest salt mine in the world and the largest in Pakistan. It is famous for it’s underground monuments made entirely from Pink & Red Himalayan Rock Salt. Definitely a top thing do in Pakistan.

What to wear in Pakistan as a tourist | Pakistan clothing guide

What to wear in Pakistan? A travellers guide as to what clothing to pack for Pakistan and what to wear to be comfortable and respectful.

First time to Pakistan tips | Pakistan Travel Guide

So you’ve decided to visit Pakistan! Voted as one of Forbes places to visit in 2019, Pakistan is truly one of the up and coming destinations for the more discerning traveller, particularly those keen to get a little off grid. I’ve put together a Pakistan travel guide to questions I’ve been asked about first timeContinue reading “First time to Pakistan tips | Pakistan Travel Guide”