Rio Muchacho Organic Farm- Ecuador’s Authentic Eco Tourism Experience

Ecuador has for a while been presenting itself as a eco tourism hotspot. There are eco lodges in most towns, recycling seems to be more present than even in many cities in the UK and tour groups offer eco packages to the country. However, what does a property need to do to call itself ‘ecoContinue reading “Rio Muchacho Organic Farm- Ecuador’s Authentic Eco Tourism Experience”

Sacha Lodge – An Ecuadorian Rainforest stay

The incredible Amazon rainforest  stretches across 9 countries, Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Guyana, French Guiana, Peru, and Suriname.It takes up around seven percent of the entire land mass of the Earth yet incredible half the earth’s plant species can be found there. The Amazon rainforest in Ecuador is one of the most bio-diverse places onContinue reading “Sacha Lodge – An Ecuadorian Rainforest stay”