Street Art in Downtown St Petersburg Florida | Free things to do in downtown St Petersburg, Fl

If you’re looking free things to do in downtown St Petersburg Florida then consider taking a self guided walking tour of downtown St Pete / 600 Block. Home to some of the top Street Art in Florida.

Visiting Khewra Salt mines | Himalayan Salt Mine in Pakistan

Khewra Salt Mines in Pakistan are the 2nd largest salt mine in the world and the largest in Pakistan. It is famous for it’s underground monuments made entirely from Pink & Red Himalayan Rock Salt. Definitely a top thing do in Pakistan.

What to wear in Pakistan as a tourist | Pakistan clothing guide

What to wear in Pakistan? A travellers guide as to what clothing to pack for Pakistan and what to wear to be comfortable and respectful.

First time to Pakistan tips | Pakistan Travel Guide

So you’ve decided to visit Pakistan! Voted as one of Forbes places to visit in 2019, Pakistan is truly one of the up and coming destinations for the more discerning traveller, particularly those keen to get a little off grid. I’ve put together a Pakistan travel guide to questions I’ve been asked about first timeContinue reading “First time to Pakistan tips | Pakistan Travel Guide”

Tipu Sultan Summer Palace | Visitor’s Guide

Located less than 100km from Bangalore is the summer palace of Tipu Sultan. Built in 1784 in Indo Islamic style out of mainly teak. It stands on a raised platform and is rectangular in shape with pillars supporting the roof. What is unique and most impressive about the palace itself though is that every inchContinue reading “Tipu Sultan Summer Palace | Visitor’s Guide”

Thames Rockets | What you need to know?

To be rated as Trip Advisor’s number one outdoor activity in London is something of an accolade. London has a never ending and ever changing number of things to do so reaching the top spot is surely a difficult feat. Thames Rocket gives customers the chance to zoom down the Thames River taking in the sights.[…]

The Ventnor Fringe | A visitor’s guide

Now in it’s tenth year, the week long Ventnor Fringe takes place in July in Ventnor, a town in the south of the Isle of Wight. It’s a celebration of culture, and hosts some rising stars of comedy, arts, music, theatre and performance at a number of venues around the town. The headquarters of theContinue reading “The Ventnor Fringe | A visitor’s guide”

A day in Guernsey | Guernsey Port Guide

When I initially looked at the destinations I would be visiting on my cruise with Princess Cruises from Southampton then Guernsey wasn’t the one I was most excited about. I had naively expected it to not be that different to what I’d seen before in the UK, but I will happily be the first oneContinue reading “A day in Guernsey | Guernsey Port Guide”