Tipu Sultan Summer Palace | Visitor’s Guide

Located less than 100km from Bangalore is the summer palace of Tipu Sultan. Built in 1784 in Indo Islamic style out of mainly teak.

It stands on a raised platform and is rectangular in shape with pillars supporting the roof. What is unique and most impressive about the palace itself though is that every inch of the building is decorated in incredibly intricate detail with paintings depicting victories in battle and other stories.

The Tipu Sultan Museum makes up part of the heritage town of Srirangapatna  and is one of the top places to visit in Karnataka due to its history, beauty and collection of historic artefacts and art.

Who was Tipu Sultan?

Tipu Sultan was the ruler of the Srirangapatna area from 1783. He was a well educated man who could speak four languages; Arabic, Kannada, Persian & Urdu. Tipu died fighting in the Fourth Mysore War on 4th May 1799.

How to get to Tipu Sultan Summer Palace from Bangalore.how to get to Tipu Sultan summer palace from Bangalore Mysore

Tipu Sultan Museum | Opening Times & Costs

Museum is open from 9am to 5pm on all days.

Entry Fee – 5 Rupees for Indians and 100 Rupees for Foreigners.

What to expect?

With it’s vast gardens leading up to the palace, the Daria Daulat Bagh houses the Tipu Sultan Museum. The most impressive thing about the building is every inch of it is covered in incredibly ornate pictures and paintings. All of the pillars, walls and canopies are covered with the outer walls depicting battle scenes and portrait images, with the interior walls decorated with foliage and floral patterns. Even the wooden ceilings are pasted with floral designs. On the Western Wall the paintings depict the victory of Haider & Tipu over the English contingent in the battle at Pollinur.

It’s a unique place full of royal colours; navy and dark greens with deep reds, as well as impressive designs including grand balconies and gold patterned pillars leading up to magnificent decorated ceilings.

Tipu Sultan summer house interior decoration, visiting Tipu Sultan summer houseTipu Sultan summer house interior decoration, visiting Tipu Sultan summer houseTipu Sultan summer house interior decoration, visiting Tipu Sultan summer houseTipu Sultan summer house interior decoration, visiting Tipu Sultan summer house

Inside the museum itself which is mostly confined to the ground floor are many artefacts relating to Tipu Sultan; consisting of oil paintings, sketches, costumes and military items. Whilst photography is generally not allowed inside the museum, it is possible to use you phone to get information about many points from the app/downloadables numbered around the building,.


The museum is a must for history lovers and the wide ranging displays include medals belonging to Tipu Sultan and coins of various denominations as well as clothes and weaponry all impeccably well preserved.

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