El Paredon -What to do & where to stay

El Paredon is a small coastal surfer village, down the coast from Montericco; it’s bigger more developed brother. It has a laid back vibe, with relaxed travellers visiting to surf, explore the local area and meet new friends.

How to get to El Peredon from Antigua

There are shuttles leaving from many hostels in Antigua daily, prices should be around 90-100 Q.

If you’re keen to do it yourself, which is possible if you’re on a tight budget then you’ll need to take a series of buses.

First head to the bus station behind the main market in Antigua. Take one the chicken buses heading to Esquintla. Although it’s not a strict schedule they seem to leave just before the hour and cost 10Q. When you arrive in Esquintla take one of the minivans heading to San Jose for 10Q.

The next part is slightly trickier. You can either get a tuk tuk which will be quite expensive and defeat the point of you doing the journey yourself..or wait for the local bus heading there that leaves at 3pm from the main bus station.

Where to stay in El Paredon

Pacifico El Paredon is a great choice for those wishing to have a beach front location with the nicest pool in the town. The pool has a well designed shallow strip allowing for cooling off from the hot weather, then when the sun is too strong there is a shaded Jacuzzi style pool as well as a large hammock area used for reading and practicing yoga.

It has a number of lovely bungalows with thatched roofs looking over the pool, as well as a suite with a semi- outside waterfall shower which gives you a view of the starry sky at night time, as well as it’s own private balcony.

The vibe of Pacifico is a laid back one, and it’s a great place to relax for a few days and chat to other like minded travellers. There are spacious sofas to relax on near reception and the multi-lingual staff and owners are more than happy to help out with queries.


The dorms are airy and comfortable with plenty of shared facilities. Pacifico can organise transfers to a number of locations including Antigua & Atitlan, as well as stand up paddle boarding, kayaks and local tours.

There’s a popular bar and restaurant on site serving some of the best food in town. (See where to eat for more details.)


What to do in El Peredon

The black sand beach barely touched by development means that it’s ideal for running and walking on. That being said, the sand is incredibly hot during the day so be sure to bring sandals if you plan on doing it before 4pm. There are sometimes yoga classes on the beach and spontaneous games of beach football seem to happen daily around 4/5pm.

Surfing is obviously a very popular pastime here. Early mornings and just before dusk are the most popular times. A number of hostels offer surf classes and there are always plenty of locals on hand to help out.

La Choza Chula is  not for profit that runs tours within the local community. They offer turtle spotting trips, cooking classes and bracelet making classes amongst other trips, and the money raised goes back into the community to build libraries and local facilities. 

Where to eat in El Peredon?

There are a number of local eateries including a bakery selling some lovely fresh bread and cakes, as well as a number of places on the main street cooking up homemade chips , tortillas and fried chicken.

Pacifico actually started out as a pizzeria, and has maintained it’s reputation as the best food in the area. It has a wood fired pizza oven and cooks up homemade pizzas quickly made with fresh dough and a range of toppings.

It also does a selection of pastas and salads and some incredibly addictive chocolate nutella balls for dessert.


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