Adler Thermae Spa & Resort Hotel | A Tuscan Wellness Retreat

Within the UNESCO World Heritage area in Tuscany is the 5 star Adler Thermae Spa & Resort Hotel. It stands on a grand location overlooking the beautiful countryside and dotted Tuscan villages and benefits from the warm thermal springs of Bagno Vignoni. The resort finds a balance between being a top end wellness hotel with a fine dining restaurant & grand suites, yet also allowing you to relax and de-stress in the carefree atmosphere.


Indeed many guests do choose to spend the majority of the day in the dedicated white dressing gowns, as they move between the saunas, pools and treatment rooms. The resort is large but easy to navigate, and the layout means that despite having 90 rooms you’re unlikely to encounter many other people in the spa areas. There are a huge number of spaces to rest and recuperate, including the stylish main relaxation area with it’s leaf design and views to the nearby hilltop castle. It has views at the front to the pool area and a range of beds including the round beds that gently swing and mean that nodding off is an almost certainty. There are also fire pits dotted around giving a warming autumnal feel to the area.


There a whole host of saunas to choose from; the Finnish sauna complete with it’s essential oil mixes at certain times during the day, and it’s miniature ice cold infinity pool which has wonderful views over the rest of the resort. There’s also the salt steam sauna with the coloured mood lights and powerful salt jets. The salt grotto which can be privately booked is a favourite with guests, and the heavily salted water and warm environment is like bathing in your own private Dead Sea, allowing you float easily and emerge with incredibly soft skin.


Obviously the pools are a highlight for many people; the water comes straight from the thermal waters and the first pool is a delightful temperature with the second cooler pool coming complete with in-water spinning bikes.


Dinner times are to be looked forward to all day. The restaurant is elegantly designed with a fully opening roof allowing you to dine underneath the night sky or indeed the vast blue sky for breakfast. In the evening you dine by candlelight, on tables surrounding a large fairy lit tree in the centre of the room. Before choosing from the á la carte menu there is a buffet to choose from of salads, cheeses and cold cuts, as well as an extensive wine list to choose from. I became slightly addicted to the sparkling rosé which came from Adler’s very own organic winery a short walk from the resort. It’s a fruity and refreshing tipple and one of a great collection of biodynamic wines which Tenuta Sanoner produces. It’s possible to visit the winery and enjoy a tour of the production as well as tasting some of their specialities. Currently they are working on another rosé, which has been aged for 2 years; very unusual as rosé wines are only usually aged for 2 months!


The food options were absolutely delicious; top quality ingredients and beautifully presented. Favourites included a rich wild boar and an exceptional creme caramel. Equally there were some great stand out items for breakfast including the fresh croissants with local marmalades. I was seated on the same table for both main meals and was served by the same waiter both times, Gregario, who was friendly and knowledgable. He knew a lot about the local food and was able to suggest lots of great things for me to try. 810_6490810_6506

The rooms are spacious and light, all with great views, either over the pool area or like the room I chose, over the gardens. Each room has a balcony or patio area, sheltered from the view of other guests allowing you to relax and take in the surroundings. When you’re ready to sleep then there are black out curtains meaning that if you want to wake up without an alarm then you also won’t have the sun streaming in. Adler produce and sell their own beauty products and the bedrooms are stocked with quality toiletries including a fabulous honey infused body lotion.

810_5987810_5993The two main gym areas are filled with the latest equipment and classes are held throughout the day. The outside gym area near to the pétanque pitch is great fun, despite the Tuscan sun you’re slightly shaded by the nearby trees and it’s lovely exercising whilst taking in the countryside sights.



I left the Adler Thermae feeling relaxed and healthy, I’d been able to enjoy some incredible food whilst not only keeping up with my fitness regime but also indulging in some great treatments.


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