The Black Forest – There’s so much more than Gateau…

One of my TV shows features me excitedly walking towards a cake museum whilst announcing that ‘anyone who knows me, knows that my ideal day involves some kind of cake’, and it’s true!

Cake is used to celebrate lots of occasions, birthdays of course, Christmas, I once got some work experience at a PR firm by delivering them a cake with a picture of my holding my CV on it. You can imagine my delight then when I was invited to an event that not only involved cake but also my other love…travel!

The tourist board for the Black Forest were celebrating the launch of their exciting new Facebook hub @visitblackforest by inviting a group of fellow travel and cake lovers to the Underground Cookery School in Hoxton to learn about the region and also to learn how to make the famous cake named after it. The Black Forest Gateau.  I’m always excited to visit new places and the Black Forest isn’t somewhere I have visited yet but for many reasons is up there on my list.
It’s just over an hour’s flight from London making it quicker to get to than Edinburgh. It’s therefore convenient enough to be perfect for a short break, but still having more than enough to do to fill a much longer trip.
I was fascinated to try some of the snacks and wines from the area as we all arrived at the school. A plate of meat, cheeses and breads in Germany is called a ‘Vesper’ and it turns out that a Vesper is the ideal sharing plate. We had a whole selection of sausages, cheeses and pickles to share alongside a number of Black Forest wines to choose from. A German wine actually is one my top favourite whites and the Black Forest is a fantastic stop for any wine lover.
I’ll admit my knowledge of the Black Forest before the event was limited, I know where it is, perfectly located for exploring inside Germany yet on the border of France and Switzerland, but I wasn’t aware of quite how much it had to offer. The landscape is incredible, rolling hills and so much to do for the outdoor lover; hundreds of hiking trails and incredible hotels/guesthouses such as wooden tree houses for that unusual overnight stay. On top of that it’s home to a strong culinary heritage and you’ll be treated to a range of top restaurants as it’s city ‘Baiersbronn’ is home to two restaurants with three Michelin stars and was described by the New York Times as one of the ‘world’s most unexpected restaurant capitals’. Plus in Winter it takes on yet another face, with Christmas markets taking place in both the cities and the forests, and snow activities like tobogganing and snow shoe trails.
The activity at the event itself was incredibly fun, it was a lighthearted but hands on event, with lots of fun loving people invited and we all enjoyed it thoroughly. The Black Forest is obviously keen for us all to realise that there’s a lot more to the area than Gateau, but that’s not to say we shouldn’t enjoy the cake too.
The sponge cake is cut into three pieces, before adding sugar water and schnapps to each layer, for flavour but also to keep moisture in the cake. Chocolate, cherry and whipped cream are added in concentric circles followed by decorative chocolate curls and cream whips on the top.
For me the Black Forest sounds like an excellent trip that I will have to embark on soon, as someone who loves outdoor activities, top end food and wine, and incredible scenery…it’s definitely my kind of place….SO WATCH THIS SPACE!
If you want to learn more about the area visit the new Facebook hub
Facebook: @VisitBlackForest
or say hi on Instagram: @visitblackforest #visitblackforest

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