Learning a language – with Rosetta Stone

“Help!”, I cried as I ran into the only place in the small village in rural Peru with a light on. My boyfriend had had a terrible allergic reaction to something and his face, eyes & throat were swelling up incredibly quickly…what to say next though, knowing how to order a beer in Spanish wouldn’t help me now. I got my phone out and turned on data roaming…..£6/MB to find out that Allergic Reaction in Spanish is actually;

Reacción alergica

So basically, ‘allergic reaction’ whilst sounding a bit like Manuel from Fawlty Towers. The thing is, I should have known this. If I’m going to head into rural areas in adventurous countries then the least I should have is a basic knowledge of a language, as well as some important words for medical emergencies such as these. I’ll let you know how that story ends at the bottom of this post…

Learning Spanish with Rosetta Stone


I’m heading back to Latin America in January, and this time I intend to go with a little more Spanish under my belt, so I contacted Rosetta Stone to let them know about my trip and see what they suggested.

Rosetta Stone has nearly 30 languages to choose from and a number of different ways in which to learn, you can choose to learn online, through an app or on your desktop and they have options for personal and business use. I chose to learn with them as they have stood the test of time and continued to be the most trusted language learning software in the world.

Being able to use the app on the move is fantastic. For me…I’ve struggled in the past trying to use a language programme on my laptop, but with the app it’s very easy to just pop in and out of a lesson when you’ve got the chance. Each lesson is also not too long, which is great me for as some days I might only have ten minutes or so to learn.


Rosetta Stone uses a strong immersion technique which means that the only language you see/hear is the language which you are intending to learn. At the beginning of the course there’s a lot of repetition, which I learnt from my TEFL days is incredibly important when learning a language, but as the app uses such a range of pictures to accompany each lesson it doesn’t actually feel repetitive.

There’s a great mix of reading & listening and the voice recognition is excellent meaning that mispronunciation is spotted and corrected.

It’s incredibly rewarding learning something new as an adult, and I think theres a reason that Rosetta Stone has always been top of it’s game; it’s very easy to see your progression with the programme, test yourself and feel like you’re actually gaining new skills.

I’m going to document my Spanish journey with the Rosetta Stone app and will be updating my blog as I can along, so keep stopping by to see how I’m getting on.

For more information or to get 50% off  your own course click here; http://www.rosettastone.co.uk/lp/h1/?cmp=aff&cid=ba-co-alex50 and enter the voucher code ALEX50 in the cart.

The end of the Peru story is….the reason the light was on in the bar is that the staff we were holding a lock-in for a particularly wealthy “business man”, whose business was apparently secret when I tried to question further.

Anyway, this “businessman” was so important that he was sitting with his bodyguards, his chef, his driver AND his medic. What are the chances?

The medic got out his kit and administered strong steroid antihistamines which luckily stopped the progression of the reaction long enough for us to seek further help! I’ll admit that whilst terrifying at the time, it makes quite a good story.

(This story was is not a sponsored post and I received no money for the story from Rosetta Stone.)


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