Indoor Skydiving at iFly Basingstoke

For Christmas last year my sister got me a voucher for an indoor skydiving experience. I love a ‘doing something’ present so this was right up my street…much more up my street than actually skydiving as I’m not a big fan of the feeling of falling. Indoor skydiving however, offers you the chance to fly in a wind tunnel with winds around 120mph without having to actually jump out of anything.

iFly has locations in Manchester, Milton Keynes and Basingstoke. They offer lessons for complete beginners as well as experienced skydivers. I went to the kick-start session which is 2 flights, equivalent to 3 x 12,000 feet skydives.

The tunnel has a viewing platform so everyone can watch you take your turn and laugh at you, before they realise it’s actually harder than it looks.

You’re kitted out with a jumpsuit, helmet and fetching glasses, which are definitely needed, as are earplugs! The instructor goes through basic flying position, as well as hand signals for when you’re having your flight.

When it came to the actual go itself, I found the scariest bit was simply jumping out into the tunnel, I couldn’t quite shake the feeling that I was just going to land face down on the wire mesh. Obviously I was fine though and picked it up fairly quickly. It does take some core strength and the movements required reminded me a little of scuba diving, also…gently does it.

I was lucky enough to be taken on the high flyer experience, where the instructor takes hold of you and propels himself into the air with you in tow. We did this up and down a few times, me screaming throughout, as although I was appreciative of being given this experience, I wasn’t fully expecting it!

Overall, I had a great time with the lessons, super fun & something I’d like to do again, especially in a group so you can all watch and laugh at each other. My only negative is that the flights seem to be over before they have begun, but I guess that just means I should go again another time and do more!

Check out my video below and please subscribe to my YouTube channel.









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