How to pack for ‘Hand Luggage Only’.

Low cost airlines are offering flights cheaper than train tickets to nearby cities and it’s great news for sufferers of Wanderlust!

Beware however of the additional fees that many sneak on, including those pesky luggage fees, often as much as $50! If you book hand luggage only you can save a lot of money and below are some ideas to pack your bags in such a way that you can last a long weekend with just a small bag!


1. PLAN YOUR OUTFITS -Try to decide some of where you’re going to visit and what you’re going to do in advance. Then you can plan outfits and don’t need to take options for all eventualities.

2. CHECK THE WEATHER – Rather than bringing options for all seasons, check in advance and base your choices on the forecast.

3. TAKE SAMPLES – Rather than spending money on and taking up room with miniatures, take samples with you, shampoo & conditioner and face cream samples from magazines make good weekend additions.

4. WEAR LAYERS – If you’re travelling to colder climates then you’ll obviously need a lot of big warm items which can take up space. Instead of keeping them in your bag then layer up, gloves & hats in jacket pockets, and wear any big boots onto the plane.


5. DO SOME WASHING AT YOUR DESTINATION – Admittedly this won’t always be practical, however if you’re at an Airbnb then you’re likely to have a washing machine that you can make use of, meaning you can cut down on the amount of clothes to take.

6. DON’T TAKE UNNECESSARY ELECTRONICS – Check in advance to see if your hostel or hotel has things like hair dryers to save you bringing one yourself if it’s not needed.

7. ESSENTIALS ONLY – Before you go then put all your things out on the bed, then decide which items you really can’t do without. Will you really go for a that run when you’re away or can you leave your trainers this time? Be honest.

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