Croatia; so much more than beaches & bars

Croatia has become a top beach destination over the past 5 years. Cheap flights within Europe, relatively low prices and a large number of world famous music festivals have meant that it’s over taken other previous party destinations in terms of visitors.

Sure, it’s easy to see why. Croatia has some incredible beaches, Zlatni Rat the famous golden horn of sand that moves with the tide is stunning, and Hideout & Garden Festival draw some huge names in music, but right now I’m not here to talk about that. Croatia has a diverse range of things to offer for many tastes.

Museum of Broken Relationships. – Zagreb
This museum dedicated to failed relationships both romantic and family received the Kenneth Hudson Award for Europe’s most innovative museum in 2011.
Starting off with just a few items, the two Zagreb based artists who founded it, have been sent items from people all over the world that represent memories too painful to relive or that remind them of a person they have lost.


Some are incredibly sad, such as the caterpillar toy. The accompanying card explains that a couple in a long distance relationship decided to take off a leg of the toy every time they saw each other. They said that when the legs were all removed they would be together properly. Of course the toy is now in the museum and only semi disfigured as one of the parties left the other for someone else before it was completed.

In lighter news, the museum is close to some of the most popular sights for both religious and civil ceremonies in the city and many of the couples actually come to the museum with their guests after the ceremony for a drink!

Rabska Torta
I’m not going to say that all Croatian food blew me away, but they do have a few specialities that you won’t be able to try anywhere else that are truly delicious. The island of Rab has a traditional cake made from almonds and Maraschino liqueur usually baked in a spiral shape. It was originally made for Pope Alexander III but has continued to be made to this day in the same way.

You can visit the birthplace of this cake and watch it being made or even have a go yourself, beware though, it’s still made by hand and the dough is so thick that it’s surprisingly hard work to handle it!


Plitvice Lakes National Park
This is Croatia’s largest national park and it’s  world-famous for it’s multi-tiered lakes. 16 lakes can be seen in the park and by hiking around the many trails as well as viewing from a variety of heights you can get completely different sights. The park also offers boat rides to more hidden areas.

Plitvice was one of the first natural places to be awarded UNESCO status meaning that they assist in the preservation of it’s beauty.

20150518_112907                20150518_130322


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4 thoughts on “Croatia; so much more than beaches & bars

  1. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed the photos of the national park. I have been to Croatia once a while ago and we are going to Split this year. Do you have any special foods/drinks you can recommend? We are vegetarian. Have just started a poetry blog here on WordPress in case you have time to have a look? Have a good day, Sam 🙂


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