The Road to Srinagar

In May & June 2016 I was lucky enough to travel throughout Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, India. Some parts of the region are sometimes prone to turbulence, so for me to visit such a range of places so freely & be involved with the communities was a wonderful opportunity, as I was able to see just how beautiful it is and how it has so much to offer than just what to media lets us see.

Some of the landscapes I saw were unlike places I’d ever seen before and also ever changing. One minute you’d be on a snow covered peak, the next in a green valley reminiscent of Switzerland.

The journey was also a challenging one at times, altitude sickness is a real threat and all encompassing when you get it. In addition to this, many of the roads were badly maintained due to the incredibly rural nature so we had a few occasions where we were unable to make it to our planned accommodation. What I often find though is it’s those unplanned stories that you end up telling people; the funny ones, the adventurous ones.

Throughout my journey I filmed behind the scenes (entirely on a Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge) and this is a full length episode documenting my trip.

I hope you enjoy it, please subscribe for more!

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