5 unbelievable landscapes you’ve just got to visit!

Machu Pichu, Peru
Despite being photographed thousands of times every year, Machu Pichu’s magnificence can’t even begin to be captured in a picture. The sheer size of the settlement, combined with the clouds rolling over the mountain tops are something I’ll never forget seeing for the first time.


Suru Valley, India
A lot of the surrounding area appears baron and wild, then out of nowhere appears Suru Valley, reminiscent of Swiss scenery the valley is picture perfect from the bright flowers to the tiny fluffy clouds dotting the sky.


Tayrona National Park, Colombia
On the Northern coast of Colombia, Tayrona is firmly on the Gringo trail, but this natural wonder takes some hiking to get into, believe me it’s worth it.


Dal Lake, Kashmir
The spectacular lake, over 15km in circumference in Srinagar, Kashmir has changing beauty throughout the day. Rise early to catch the floating vegetable/flower market or take a painted shikara to view the flora & flora and wooden houseboats.



Ubud, Bali
Bali is famous for it’s ideallic landscapes and after Eat, Pray, Love then Ubud became an even more famous fixture on it’s map. However, Ubud does deserve the attention. The rolling rice paddies of Tegalalang are really quite stunning


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