Where to see the best Graffiti & Street Art

Bogota & Cartagena, Colombia

Colombia is an incredibly colourful country in many respects but the walls of many of it’s cities are decorated in spectacular fashion. Whilst technically still illegal, graffiti artists are only occasionally fined now which means that artists are able to take their time and as such have created some giant and hugely impressive works of art.


Some shop and restaurant owners in La Candelaria even commission graffiti artists to turn their walls into murals and many artists run tours around the city visiting some of the top spots.


New York

It’s a city full of graffiti but it’s still regarded by the authorities as vandalism despite some incredible pieces that have popped up around the city.


20160820_130815_001-2     20160820_130900



There’s graffiti all over Berlin but of course the Berlin Wall not only has beautiful, but also very thought provoking imagery all over the remaining sections.


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