What’s stopping you from travelling?

I’ve heard many people tell me that they want to travel, how desperate they are to see the world. Often though, this is followed by a list of reasons that they can’t travel.  Finances, children, safety, fear and many other reasons.

Now everyone’s circumstances are different and I’m not saying that the following applies to everyone, however, it’s just intended to open your mind slightly and perhaps alleviate some concerns you might have.

1. I’m worried that I’ll be lonely
Some people who intend to travel on their own are concerned that they will be on their own for extended periods of time and will feel lonely, however from my experience travelling on your own can not only be incredibly rewarding but is actually a wonderful opportunity to meet people along the way.

Sometimes when I’ve travelled with people then I’ve felt the pressure to do what they want, visit the island they suggest, or spend longer in a certain gallery that I would have chosen to. Travelling on your own allows you the opportunity to maintain a schedule that only you have planned.

In terms of worries about being lonely, remember that so many other people are in exactly the same boat as you and are super keen to make new friends along the way. Hostels are a fantastic place to meet people, in the dorms, kitchens, at the bar…don’t be afraid to approach people and ask to join them or ask for suggestions as to what to do.


2. I don’t have the time/Can’t get time off work 
Now this is often just about prioritising. You might have a high flying job that allows for little time off, but you are entitled to a certain number of days a year and it’s just about organising these and planning in advance.

I sat next to a guy on a plane once on the way back from Vietnam who worked as a lawyer in a high pressure position.  He’d packed a suit in his rucksack so that he could get off our 13 hour flight at 6am, change and go straight to work without missing another day.  Tired he might have been, but he’d managed to time his trip to include a bank holiday and limited the number of days he’d had to take off work.

A couple friend of mine prefer to take more frequent shorter trips. They take a Friday and the following Monday off, then find a late night Thursday flight and manage to go away for 4 nights and explore a new place.

3. I can’t travel with children 
My parents were always keen on travelling and having my sister and I didn’t stop this. Children benefit so much from trying new things and experiences and they are surprisngly adaptable, sometimes moreso than adults! See this story below about a travel mad mother who set off with her ten week old baby and partner round the world to make the most of her maternity leave.


Sure that might be a little intense for some new parents but it at least goes to show that although travelling with children might take some adjusting to get used to, it’s certainly not an impossible.

4. I can’t afford to go away
Now obviously sometimes there will be no give or take on this, however there are ways round financial issues with travel.  See my blog post on how to make money while travelling.

In addition to this, little changes can make all the difference in saving up for a trip. Try adding up how much you spend on something like coffee. Let’s say 5 coffees a week from Starbucks… £3 a time….You’re looking at £180 in 3 months. That’s enough for a city break.  Sure, this is slightly idealistic but I’m just pointing out that saving a little here and there can really add up.

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