What to wear in Marrakech?

I’ve travelled a lot in some quite conservative countries, but I’d heard reports of Morocco being particularly conservative with regards to tourist’s clothing so when it came to choice of outfit I put some serious thought into what to pack.

Morocco is a Muslim country and generally the female population does choose to dress fairly modestly, that being said in some popular tourist areas such as the main square in Marrakech, you do see local women wearing skinny jeans and vest tops…just not that many.

If you’re wondering what to pack then I’d say it depends on where you’re going and also how comfortable you are with getting perhaps unwanted attention. If you’re planning on staying in a resort then by all means pack your short shorts & bikini, equally within the refines of a Riad, you’ll be fine wearing smaller outfits. The lovely lady who owned the Riad we stayed at in Marrakech only covered her shoulders and head when she went outside the courtyard. However, outside of a resort, in order to not get too much unwanted attention it is best to dress fairly modestly.

If you’re like me and can’t bear to wear sleeves in hot weather, then perhaps try wearing a loose scarf over the top of your outfit to cover your shoulders, then you can easily remove it when you’re somewhere more appropriate. I tended to wear loose skirts with a vest top and scarf.

The girls I did see in Morocco who had chosen to wear smaller outfits often looked slightly uncomfortable in the busy areas, people did tend to shout stuff as they walked by which might make some feel uncomfortable. It’s also worth noting that for most of the year Morocco has incredibly strong sun and even an hour outside can result in some terrible sunburn, it’s easy not to notice how strong the sun is when you’re walking round a market and for that reason, covering up slightly does have a number of benefits.


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