How to travel when you’re short on cash

Financial concerns are a reason that many people feel they are unable to go travelling. However, below I’ve listed a few ways that I’ve been able to make money/save money whilst living and travelling abroad.

1. Teach English – TEFL is a fantastic way to see the world while making some decent money. I chose to do a CELTA course (generally the most widely credited and longest course you can study without studying teaching English as a foreign language at a degree or Masters level.) My course lasted one very intense month and I stayed at the International school in Phuket while I studied and taught. International House who ran the course offered a month of accommodation, food & the course itself for only slightly more than the course on it’s own would have cost me in the UK.

After I received my qualification I moved to Hanoi where I worked teaching kindergarten age and also university students for a very happy year. I got paid well, around $21 an hour, which in a country where you can eat like a king for a couple of bucks can get you a long way. Not only did I manage to save quite a lot of money I also made some wonderful friends and had the work flexibility to be able to visit many of the neighbouring countries when I fancied.

Now teaching English is a job on offer in many countries round the world, generally better paid if you’re qualified and/or have a degree and are a native English speaker.  It tends to offer higher rates in Asia, namely Korea, China, Vietnam & Japan, but if you move up in the food chain then companies like British Council offer some great rates worldwide.


2. Work at a hostel – Whilst you’re not going to be able put much away taking this option, many hostels allow you to pay for your food & board by working there. Roles might include reception work, cleaning & kitchen tasks. I’ve met people who have managed to survive for months using this method, it’s a sure fire way to meet some great people and have plenty of wild nights partying, just keep any extra cash you might make to pay for travel from place to place and for beer money and you’re sorted!

3. Promotional Work – Many promotional agencies based in the UK also have offices around the world.  Kreate & Mash both have offices in Australia and as long as you’re a lively person who doesn’t mind approaching strangers and trying to sample a new soft drink, you’ll probably be able to book in some days of fairly well paid work without a contract that ties you down.

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