Tips for making flights easier


What to pack in your hand luggage.

Imagine landing at your destination, but your luggage is still at your departure airport. I’ve been there on a few occasions and although my bags have usually arrived eventually, it’s incredibly inconvenient. However with some smart packing you can survive a few days with just a carry on.

Now the exact requirements will vary from person to person but just think about what you couldn’t do without for even a day.

– Passport (obviously), medication of any sort, contact lenses/glasses.

– Any chargers for your phone/iPad & also travel adaptors for the relevant country.

– Spare underwear and/or swimwear.  If you’re only going on a short sun holiday you don’t want to miss out on bikini time and equally these can often be more difficult than you’d think to buy in some places I’ve visited.

-Guide book. Surprisingly expensive but something many people can’t do without, your trusty Lonely Planet is something you don’t want to have to begrudgingly purchase for a second time.


Check in

If you’re taking a short flight with hand luggage only then if you have the option to check in online definitely take it.  It will mean you can arrive at the airport at least an hour later and avoid big check in cues.

For long haul flights I have a few suggestions.

• Firstly being nice can’t hurt. The check in desk staff have to deal with lots of grumpy/tired and often rude people and much more likely to be obliging to your requests if you’re nice, this includes overlooking your luggage perhaps being slightly over the weight limit.

• Ask for extra legroom seats. This won’t work every single time but it’s always worth asking, especially if you’re early to check in. If you’re feeling especially cheeky it’s even worth asking for an upgrade, particularly if you use the airline regularly.  I’m not gonna lie, it doesn’t work that often but still worth a shot.


Aeroplane essentials

-Large bottle of water. Some airlines allow you to fill up your drinks yourself throughout the flight, but equally I’ve been on a number where you’re restricted to when the stewards come round to offer water. A few thimble sized glasses aren’t enough to stave off dehydration on a 12 hour flight so help yourself and buy a bottle of water once you’ve passed through security.

-Travel pillow. It’s not going to convince your brain that your lying down in 1st, however it’s certainly better than nothing.  Look at getting one with a press stud on the front to keep it slipping off if you move around a lot when you’re asleep.



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