Burger & Shake – Top cheap eats London

London isn’t the easiest place to find a decent meal out without spending half your monthly income on food, so I was very pleased to be introduced to Burger & Shake, a small restaurant a short walk from King’s Cross serving consistently delicious food at reasonable prices.

Burger & Shake does quite literally what it says on the tin, and serves up American style burgers and hot dogs alongside heart attack inducing Bourbon infused milkshakes.


The menu is fairly concise and ranges from £5.50 for the Fish Finger Sandwich up to £8.95 for the Pulled Pork topped burger served in a brioche bun. Sides such as the perfectly cooked sweet potato fries are also great but the mains on their own are filling enough that you don’t need to rack up the bill by adding lots of extras.

One extra worth noting is the fantastic range of shakes, both non-alcoholic and “hard shakes”. A particular favourite of mine was the “Ovaltini”, an unusual sounding mix of tequila, rum, coconut and malted caramel. You’re not scrimped on size and one shake is large enough and filling enough for two to share, not that you are going to want to!

I’ve been a number of times and tried a range of things on the menu, I’ve never been disappointed and food is always served with a smile. Burger & Shake is a much needed alternative to other quick eat chain restaurants like Nando’s and is one of my favourite spots in central for a well priced tasty meal.

Burger & Shake, 47 Marchmont Street, London WC1N 1AP Tel: 020 7837 7718 info@burgerandshake.co.uk.

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